About Peninsula Components, Inc.

North State Fastener’s mission is to be the world’s leading SOLUTIONS PROVIDER to OEM design engineers in the fields of mechanical and fabricated components, and to provide INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS that localize inventory, increase inventory turns, lower inventory exposure, and reduce inventory management costs.


From its founding, North State Fastener’s staff worked with design engineers, providing solutions for product designs. With each new design, North State Fastener built a reputation as a company that can solve difficult design problems. From drawing board to manufacturing, North State Fastener’s design solutions have been purchased by factories around the world. By adding local logistics centers, and our “SOLUTIONS” approach to meeting customers needs, North State Fastener is able to provide customers with a higher level of service and support. Today, North State Fastener has over 25 logistics sites in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

In 1999 North State Fastener purchased its first manufacturing site, Accuracy Screw Machine in Hayward, California. Today, with plants in Nogales, Mexico and Dongguan, China; North State Fastener provides a full range of precision machining, turning, milling, and high volume production turning. These plants also manufacture North State Fastener Captive Screws, Standoffs, Spacers, Press-in Sheet Metal Fasteners (Zins) and Inserts for Plastics (Zerts).

With the purchase of Visible Inventory in 2005, North State Fastener became the leader in the field of INVENTORY AUTOMATION. Now our customers no longer need to actively manage inventory, instead; Visible Inventory remotely monitors it. North State Fastener’s “Manufactured globally, supplied locally” philosophy continues to provide customers with low cost global manufacturing and localized inventory.