Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

North State Fastener, Inc. has been providing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs since 1978, which has allowed us plenty of time to fine tune our programs. The following page will outline the basics of our VMI program, but we do want to emphasize that this is just an outline and the program can be modified to meet our customers’ individual needs. We have found that no two companies are alike in their processes; therefore, we like to customize our program to best fit our customers’ needs.

  • North State Fastener, Inc. will provide a qualified individual to monitor stock levels on site. Backup personnel will be trained to cover in the event of illness or vacation.
  • The stock will be monitored on a regular basis, following a predetermined schedule.
  • Stock replenishment will be determined on a min/max schedule. This schedule is usually determined by the customer, with assistance from North State Fastener, Inc.
  • Low stock items will be delivered within 48 hours, unless required sooner. This will eliminate the need for regular expediting procedures.
  • A qualified Inside Sales Representative will handle all of the internal maintenance of the VMI program.
  • All items will be packaged per customer specifications, including packaging labels with the pertinent information and special bagging quantities.
  • Items will receive final inspection on our premises before they are placed in the customer’s stock location.
  • Both the inside representative and the stock monitor will assist in implementing the program. Any problems that arise or changes that occur will be handled by either of the individuals for the duration of the contract.
  • Items can be added, deleted, or adjusted as necessary. Authorization forms will be provided to simplify the process.
  • Inventory levels will be maintained at North State Fastener, Inc. in quantities determined by both usage and lead times.
  • Inventory will be billed when shipped to you. Payment terms are 1%10 Net 30.
  • There will be no ordinary freight charges incurred.

Remote VMI

For those customers outside of our local area, we offer remote VMI programs. These specially tuned programs enable customers all over the country and the world to benefit from the cost and time saving nature of VMI programs. We provide all the equipment and just require one individual at your location to assist with inventory checks.

If you have any questions about our company or our Vendor Managed Inventory programs, feel free to contact us at (408) 744-0563 or