Self-Clinching Hardware


Self-clinching nuts provide permanent load-bearing threads in thin metal and fiberglass sheets. They are easily installed by pressing in a punched or drilled hole.


Self-clinching standoffs are most commonly used when an application requires a user to stack or space a component away from the panel. Blind and Thru-threaded fasteners are standard.


Self-clinching and press-in studs provide permanent male threads in thin metallic and non-metallic sheets. They install easily and permanently in drilled or punched holes and transfer excellent push-out and torque-out capacity.

Self-clinching and press-in fasteners create permanent robust threads in thin metallic and non-metallic sheets. Squeezing self-clinching hardware into punched or drilled holes of ductile metal sheets displaces the host material into carefully designed recesses that prevent the fasteners from rotating and removal. Press-in fasteners are normally pushed into pre-formed holes of soft metallic and non-metallic sheets such as aluminum and pcb, respectively. They rely on a press fit and the clamping action of the mating fastener to provide performance and retention. Both types of engineered fasteners facilitate a consistent installation and eliminate extra hardware for a compact and attractive design.